Cockroach Control

Description: There are more than 3,500 known species of cockroaches found throughout the world, many of which infest the household and are frequently found in restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores. More than $1.5 billion a year is spent on cockroach control in the United States alone. The presence of roaches is so objectionable that they are considered among the worst of domestic pests. Cockroaches consume human foodstuffs and contaminate them with saliva and excrement. They are also responsible for transmitting diseases such as the bacteria which cause food poisoning and are a significant source of allergies indoors, second only to house dust.

Cockroaches Are Nocturnal.  If you see them during the day, there is a good chance you have a serious infestation and they are out due to overcrowding.  If you have cockraoches, please call us before they effect the health you or your family.

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